About Corporate Learning Partners

Corporate Learning Partners is an innovative and highly respected organisation with over 30 years experience.  We partner with clients to maximise the growth of their employees through professional development.  

Our approach is collaborative in developing and delivering a diverse range of customised high impact workshops and coaching to a wide range of business and industry.


Founder and Principal Facilitator:

Nikki McMurray 

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Nikki McMurray is the founder and lead facilitator at Corporate Learning Partners. She has over 30 years experience in the adult education industry. Her roles ranged from managing registered training organisations, managing the training function within organisations, and facilitating.

Her facilitation style is respectful to the adult learner’s past experience and qualifications with a hands-on, highly interactive approach with a focus of connecting theory with practice.

She has a diverse background that includes consulting in a training and on the job coaching capacity to Mining open cut and underground (coal and hard rock), Rail, Water, Gas, Manufacturing, State and Federal Government industries as well as many others.

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There probably isn’t a challenge they’re having, that I haven’t had myself.
— Nikki McMurray
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“I have been a manager for many years, which is why I focus primarily on leadership workshops. Therefore I have a really good understanding of a lot of the issues, and the challenges leaders face in the workplace.

I’m very empathetic and compassionate for all the leaders I work with now as a coach and a facilitator - because there probably isn’t a challenge that they’re having that I haven’t had myself in real life, where I tripped and stumbled as well.”



As a facilitator, I understand that you have a huge responsibility, with leaders listening to you. I prepare relentlessly and ask a lot of questions prior to understand your organisations Code of Conduct, the way you want your leaders to behave, the challenges in your work environment.

I don’t just walk in and run a workshop. I spend time analysing this background information and how to deliver on your outcomes. I even prepare my flipcharts before a workshop!

Understands the industry

I understand the day-to-day world of your high-risk industry because I have done on-the-job coaching in that industry. Because I understand the daily struggles, I bring in relevant and real case studies when delivering leadership programs.

I understand the issues, the environment, the pressures, and the culture of the industry.

Most coaches and facilitators can train employees on how to do a performance review, but don’t you think it may be a little different delivering a frontline leadership performance review for the ATO, compared to an underground coal mine?


You don’t often see people sitting down in my workshops for too long. I ensure the workshops I lead are engaging and interactive, and I mix up the range of activities. I harness the collective conversation, experience and intelligence of my room. I ensure all views are heard and use relevant examples but more importantly, I make the experience fun for my learners.